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Coaches Registration for 2024 Spring Season

Coaches are responsible for checking the schedule each week, reaching out to the opposing coach, and recording the score after each game.

NEW as of Spring 2024: 

Rule 309 — Sideline Etiquette
The Sideline/touchline (technical area) for both teams must be located on the same sideline/touchline between the halfway line and the 18 yd line (extended). 
Spectators must be on the opposite sideline/touchline (2 yards behind). Spectators, Players, and Team Staff are prohibited between the 18 yd line (extended) down to the end line (or corner flag). No one is allowed on or near the end line/goal line from corner to cornerThe Head Coach for each team is responsible for the behavior of their Spectators’ sideline.  Spectators are expected to behave appropriately and respectfully before, during and after the match. Unruly or irresponsible behavior identified by the referee crew will (at minimum) lead to expulsion of the Team’s Head coach. The Head Coach must leave immediately, or the match will be abandoned. This will result in the offending team forfeiting the match and/or a monetary fine. If the league receives reports of unsportsmanlike/unruly conduct from any spectator(s), the league reserves the right to fine the offending Club(s), remove the team(s) from the league or take any other action, if deemed necessary. 

Thank you to Coach Dad & Elizabethtown Youth Soccer for making this video.

MYSC will provide most of the equipment needed for practice.

  • Soccer Balls
  • Cones (Disc and Tall)
  • Ball Pump (w/ needle)
  • First Aid Kit
  • Whistle
  • Clipboard

Important Information and Instructions

MYSC Micro Handbook
Micro Guide

MYSC Coaches Drive
Link to Google Drive with a lot of practice dill information

Cardiac Arrest Awareness
Informational Pamphlet
Parent-Player-Coach Cardiac Arrest Form

MYSC Emergency Action Plan

Coaching Education
Course Descriptions
Other Coaching Classes

Practice Field Assignment
Email our field scheduler for access

Game Reschedule Procedure (Fall Season Only)

Thank you to YouGotMojo for making this video.